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GD2: Make your own graduation announcement

Most of you, aside from three students, are graduating this year. Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you! You will use this assignment as an opportunity to make graduation announcements to share with friends and family. If you are not a senior, you will follow these same instructions to create a card for mother's day or father's day which are also coming up;)

The goal of this assignment is to make an EXACT COPY of your inspiration design. This assignment is very similar to the magazine cover assignment in that regard.

Step 1: Go to this site and find one inspiration file that you will use for this assignment.

If you are doing mother/father's day use this site>

Make sure it gives you a small design challenge and is not overly simple in design.

You must use an inspiration file that uses a texture such as wood or gold foil.

Step 2: Take a screen shot (shift, command 4 on a mac) of your inspiration file.

Note the dimensions of the card you chose.

Set up a new file in illustrator that is the same size as the dimensions of your card.

Place your screen shot into the illustrator file and lock it.

Make a new layer above and design your card to match as close as you can with the inspiration.

Here is a link to gold foil textures:

Here is a video tutorial for gold foil type:

Here is a video tutorial for gold foil type:


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