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I                          I spend each day immersed in art and design.  As a Digital                                  Media teacher, I truly enjoy mentoring students through the                            creative process from concept to completion. 


                In my home studio in Santa Cruz, CA I design for clients near and far. Part of my design process is making authentic connections with my clients. I take pride in my ability to listen intently and unravel the details of their particular needs, and deliver creative results that often exceed their expectations. I am always up for finding creative solutions to the next design challenge.  


At home my husband and I watch our two young daughters draw for hours with art supplies strewn across the kitchen table as we prepare the evening meal. I am inspired by the unhindered creativity of our children.  Their budding artistic spirits are a great source of entertainment and pride in

our family.

Whether at home, or in my professional life, I always

look forward to the next opportunity to be

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