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GD2: Branding Step 4 Final Branding Booklet

You will be printing your branding booklet and binding for the final step in this project.

1. Make an 8.5x11 vertical document for your cover. The cover should include your logo, your name, and say "Branding System". Be creative with your cover and have it match the rest of your brand.

2. Open adobe acrobat. Go to File- create- combine file into pdf

3. Drag all of your branding files into this document. Look to the tools on the right hand size and find "organize pages". drag your pages into the correct order.

4. You will need to organize the pages in this order. ALL MUST BE VERTICAL:



Final logo board

Mock up 1

Mock up 2

Mock up 3

Mock up 4

Mock up 5

Mock up compilation of all 5

5. Save the pdf as A1_brandbook_yourname. Print out the pdf on heavy paper (ask me to put in the printer before printing)

make sure you have pushed the "scale to page" button before printing.

6. See me for binding instructions.

7. Turn in your pdf to the digital turn in folder.

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