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GD 2 Mood Board Step 1.5

The first step in designing a brand identity for a business or person is to create a mood board.

Click here to read over the process this company took when creating their mood board:

You will create a mood board of inspirations on color, images, fonts, and graphics that represent the look and feel of your brand genre (similar business). When searching for photos, make sure you crop out any watermarks in your final mood board.

Use this file as your template to create your mood board:

Take a screen shot for a color palette to reference for your template. (shift, command, 4)

The photos used in your moodboard should match your color scheme, so if they don't, make them black and white. The photos should represent the feel of the rest of your moodboard. For example, photographs of dancers for a dance wear company. Photographs of beaches for a surf company. Here is a link to find photos that match your color scheme (remember you can also search black and white photos):

Below are some examples of mood boards:


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