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GD2: Branding Assignment Part 1 (Research)

You will be creating a brand identity for a ficticious business/product. Your options could be a clothing brand, a record label, a film studio, a new video game, etc. Before you can begin the process of designing your new brand, you need to understand what a brand is.

Grab your sketchbook and title it Brand Research with today's date. You will answer the questions below in complete sentences.

Start by clicking on this link and answering these questions:

1. What is the dictionary definition of branding?

2. Under the section "why do brands hire design agencies" list ALL of the things that could be included in a brand identity.

Now go to this link:

3. scroll to the bottom of the page and list the 9 steps of designing a brand identity.

4. now go back up to step 1, what should you "jot down in a notebook" when researching other competitors?

5. What does know your niche mean?

6. What is a USP?

7. What is the third step in the brand identity process?

8. After sketching, how may designs should you narrow it down to for refining on the computer? How do you decide on the final design?

9. What should you think about when deciding your colors?

10.What style of type feels confident and modern?

11.What style of type feels assertive and masculine?

12.What style of type feels vintage?

13. List 3 examples of brand photography rules in step 7.

Check out these websites for examples of brand identity projects.

14. List 6 different products that were branded from this link.

15. Decide and write down what you will design an identity for.

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