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GD1: Ice Cream Logo Design

Now you get to practice using your illustration skills to make some ice cream logos. We are going to imagine that you have a client starting an ice cream parlor in Santa Cruz. The name of the business is The Santa Cruz Creamery. They want you to provide them with a concept board that contains 6 uniquely different logo designs. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment.

Step 1: Research.

Begin by gathering inspiration files to help guide your design. I often take screen shots (shift command 4 on a mac) of my inspiration files and place them beside my art board when working in illustrator.

Here are a couple of places to gather inspiration:

Step 2:

Open an 8.5x 11 document in illustrator and save as A1_ice cream_your name. pdf. (make sure you save your pdf with layers)

Step 3: Place your inspiration files into illustrator and lock that layer. Make a new layer for your designs.

Step 4: Create 6 uniquely different designs meeting the following requirements:

All logos must include the name of the business.

  1. At least one logo must use type in a circle: Watch this video to learn how to do this in illustrator.

  2. At least one logo must use a script font: Watch this video to learn how to do this in illustrator.

  3. At least one logo must use only type to create the logo. (hint: be creative with font choice and size)

Step 5: Your final file should look something like this (but for ice cream). It should be neatly ordered. 6 logos to a page with some white space around each design. Turn in through GC.


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