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GD1 & 2 Type Poster in Photoshop

For this fun assignment, you'll be using PS to create an image with text over it.

Step 1: Download the LARGEST FILE SIZE of a clear, well lit, detailed, close up shot of a person.

Step 2: Download this font from Dafont and INSTALL IT ON YOUR COMPUTER

Step 3: Watch this video on how to install a font on your computer

(follow the instructions in the first minute of this video for a Mac computer)

(follow the instructions in this link for a Windows computer)

Step 4: Go to PS and create a new file. Make the file 7 inches square at 300ppi. Save this file as a "A1_yourname_typeposter.psd"

Step 5: Place the portrait you downloaded into this file and enlarge it until you have a framing that you like. You will not be cropping this photo further as the video tutorial below demonstrates.

Step 6: Watch the video below to set up this assignment properly.

Step 7: Watch the video below to complete this assignment. Fast forward and begin this video at exactly 1 minute.

Step 7: Save often as you work on this project. When you have completed the tutorial, save your file, then do a "save as" to save as a .jpg to turn in to GC.


1. File must be 7 inches square 300ppi saved with the proper name as a jpg.

2. Portrait used must have been chosen with highest resolution. The photo should have good detail, lighting, and focus and be cropped for best composition in your design. Pay attention to whether the background is distracting or needed for final composition.

3. Must be using Magnum font.

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