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GD2: Logo mockups

When designers test how their designs will look on a product, they use files called "mockups". Use the link below for to make your own mock up and turn in through GC on the 10.1 assignment.


1. This mock up files are photoshop files. Open the photoshop file and look at the layers. One layer says "your design". See example:

2. Double click on the layer that says "your design". It will open up a new file with just a logo in it. Place your logo png into this file. Delete the layer with the place holder logo. Save this file. (command s)

3. Now you will notice the original file is open in another tab at the top of your photoshop window. Click on that tab. You will see that the mock up file is now updated with your logo. Save that file as a jpg and turn it in through GC.

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