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GD 1&2 Find Your Grind Part

Last week you learned about a specific career in Graphic Design working in Fashion. I know not all of you are interested in working as a Graphic Designer. So.... This week you will take a survey to discover what career options are a good match for you.

Step One:

Go to this site and take the quiz

Step Two:

Create a google doc that you will turn in through the google classroom

Step Three:

Answer these questions in your google doc by referencing the information in the link above:

1. What 5 lifestyles were your best match?

2. Choose your favorite lifestyle choice and click the "learn more button". Watch the video on this page. What is something you learned from the video?

3. List 5 of the mentors and their careers.

4. Click on one one the mentors to go to their page. Go back to your list in number 3 and Bold the name of the mentor you chose. Watch the video interview. What is something you learned from the video?

5. Copy and paste a question and an answer from the Q&A section here.

6. What is the salary for this position?

7. Did this lifestyle quiz provide careers you would actually be interested in?

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