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GD1&2: 7 types of logos presentation

Use this link to read about the 7 types of logos

Now create a google slide show that consists of 8 slides in total:

you must use this site to find your logo examples for your slide show:

Slide 1: your name, period, and a title called "7 Types of Logos"

Slide 2: 3 examples of Letter marks

Slide 3: 3 examples of Word mark

Slide 4: 3 examples of Pictorial mark

Slide 5: 3 examples of Abstract mark

Slide 6: 3 examples of Mascot logos

Slide 7: 3 examples of Combination logos

Slide 8: 3 examples of Emblems

Here is my sample slide show:

To turn in (Due this Friday, March 27):

Download your google slide show as a pdf. Save the pdf as A1_logotypes_yourname and turn in to the turn in folder for your period.

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