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GD1: Surrealist Collage

You will be creating a surrealist collage using photoshop. Follow the steps below.

First: Watch this video to learn what surrealism is. You will be answering organized binder prompts related to this video

Second: Understand fair use:

Third: gather inspiration. You will find 6 surreal images and place them into a 8.5x11 inch photoshop document. print this document out and include it in your sketchbook section of your organized binder.

Here is a great starting point for gathering inspiration files (you will need a pinterest account to view)

Make sure you have read the requirements below these examples before beginning your document.

Watch this video to learn how to search for the largest file size.

Watch this video below for instructions on how to begin your project:

Watch this video below for instructions on using blending modes, layer fx, masks, etc:

Watch this video for instructions on how to turn in project:

DISLOCATION: A part of the body is missing and replaced by something else

JUXTAPOSITION: Two unlikely things are placed together

TRANSFORMATION: Something blends into something else

Follow these exact requirements:

1. Document must be 11x17 inches at 300ppi (could be horizontal or vertical)

2. You must use one of these techniques shown above: dislocation, juxtaposition, transformation

3. You must use the overlay blending mode for one of your layers

4. You must use an fx in one of your layers

5. You must use an adjustment for one of your layers

6. You must use a minimum of 5 layered images. Bonus points for including a texture, and a vintage image (from one of the links below).

7. Your texture must come from this resource:

8. Your vintage image must come from one of these sources:

Things to keep in mind:

Only use unedited photos from the internet, do not use collaged or edited work of other people's.

Ideas to try:

Put an ocean inside of a room

Remove someone’s head and put another image in its’ place

Have something unusual growing from a tree

Replace hair with fire, snakes, clouds, etc.

Check out these student examples








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