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GD2: Cereal Box Design

Cereal is constantly changing to adapt to changes in popular culture. For this assignment you will be creating a new cereal and designing the box.


1. Choose one design direction from this list:

a. Cereal for Children

b. Sports Figure Endorsed Cereal

c. Retro Cereal

d. New cereal mascots for 2020

f. Social commentary cereal

Step 1: Research

Check out these latest changes to cereal:

Step 2: Inspiration

Start by researching/gathering inspo. Find inspiration files to guide the formatting of your type effects, color and layout.

try here for start to inspiration:

Turn in a google doc to GC with 10 pictures of cereal boxes for this week's assignment.

Step 3: Sketch

Sketch your design by including all sides of the cereal box. Download the template below and draw your sketch using the template as a reference.

Step 4: Template and Barcode

Start by downloading this file to use as a template for your cereal box:

Here is a link to a barcode font you could use for this assignment:

Step 5: Use a tutorial to assist your typography or include texture.

Here is a link to a tutorial for retro design:

Try one of these tutorials for type effects in illustrator or find your own on youtube.

Step 6: Design

Open the tutorial in illustrator. Save with a new name: A1_yourname_cerealbox

1. Use photoshop if you need to select people from their background. Save as a png to place into illustrator with a transparent background.

2. Use illustrator to layout everything else.

3. Use template to match font sizes. Ingredients and Nutrition facts should be EXACT same font style and size as the template. The font size and style of the cereal title should reflect your inspiration file.

5. Must use type effects such as warp, drop shadow, gradients, etc.

6. Must use the information from the template to format the nutrition facts and ingredients section.

7. Must include the logo of a popular cereal manufacturer such as Kellogg's or General Mills.

8. Must include cereal name and manufacturer logo on first panel with nutrition facts formatted EXACTLY like template.

9. Must include cereal name and manufacturer logo on second panel, along with central graphic, catchy phrase, net wt info.

10. Must include ingredients, website, and phone number on third panel.

11. Must include Must include cereal name and manufacturer logo on fourth panel, along with central graphic, catchy phrase, net wt info.

12. Must be submitted through GC as a pdf and can also printed out, cut, and folded to a complete cereal box.

Examples of each type of cereal box are below:




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