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GD 1 Poster redesign version 2

Make sure you have completed the sketchbook assignment before doing this assignment. To receive an A on this project you must have completed a sketchbook prior to designing on the computer.

1. Open your original poster design in illustrator.

2. Go to file-save as- save this file as A1_jennya_redesignv2.pdf

when prompted, choose high quality print and make sure you check the box that says preserve editing capabilities.

3. Next go to- file- document set up- edit art board. Change the width to 17" and height to 11".

4. Move your entire poster to the left side of the document. Now copy and paste that poster and move the copy to the right side of the document. The copy on the right is the one you will now redesign to improve on your original design.

5. Make sure your file is a pdf and submit to the turn in folder inside v2 poster folder


• must include large title, medium date, small additional information

• must use color palette or pulled color effectively

• must use 2-3 fonts that contrast well when paired together

• must have a large central graphic

• must have good use of white space. Exterior white space greater than interior white space.

• must use 6 of the 8 design elements covered in class

color, line, shape, space, texture, pattern, font, size.

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