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GD2: Book Cover Dust Jacket Design INSTEAD OF DM 1

You will use this template to create a book cover design redesign for any book that you were REQUIRED to read in one of your English classes.

1. open an illustrator file and create a document that is 19.25w x 8.5h

create guides to correspond to the picture below:

2. Gather inspiration. Create a google slide show with 10 book cover designs and write how they will influence your book cover design. Turn in through GC for 4.12

3. Draw a sketch on the entire sheet of your sketchbook that includes the layout for the inside, back, spine, and cover of the book.

4. Clear your sketchbook with me before beginning your design.

5. Design your dust jacket in illustrator or photoshop. Save that file and place it into the indesign template to complete your book cover design. Your cover file should be 19.25x8.5 inches.

6. Turn in the final file as a pdf in the turn in folder.

Find inspiration here:

Here are some student examples:

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