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GD2 Screen Printing Overview

Answer these questions in a google document that you submit to me through GC. You must include the full question, then your answer can be an incomplete sentence.

Video 1: intro

1. What are the 7 steps of screen printing?

Video 2: art

Watch the first 5 minutes of the second video in the series on printing and answer these questions:

2. what are the two types of art and give an example of each

3. what program do you use for vector files? what program do you use for raster files?

4. what button do you push in illustrator to vectorize an image?

5. why do you think they are using a “white underbase?

Video 3: film

6. Are you printing a film positive or negative?

7. Which is a better printer to use for printing on your film, a laser printer or an inkjet printer and why?

Video 4: screen

Watch the first half of the video to answer these questions (you can stop around 7 minutes in)

8. What type of light is emulsion sensitive to?

9. What are the three main things to think about when setting up a darkroom?

10. What are the two types of frames you can use for screen printing? How is one better than the other?

11. What are the 4 things to consider with screens?

12. What two things do you consider when choosing a mesh?

Video 5: screen prep

13. What is the first step in screen prepping?

14. What are the steps to degrease the screens?

15. Should you use a pressure washer for degreasing?

16. What emulsion do they recommend for beginners?

17. What is the name of the tool used to coat the screen with emulsion?

18. Which side should you use to coat the screen?

19. Do you start coating from bottom or top? Do you start inside or outside of the screen?

20. Do you coat both sides of the screen?

21. When drying emulsion, which side should be facing up?

Video 6: screen exposure

22. Where should your film be placed on the screen?

23. Which side do you spray the screen after exposing?

24. How long do you let the screen soak before continuing to wash?

25. Do you start at bottom or top of screen?

26. Do you start on flat side or inside of screen?

Skip Video 7 -10:

Video 11: screen printing techniques

27. What should you avoid doing with the squeegee so you don't "push" the on the screen?

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