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GD1: Illustrator Portrait

Now is your chance to take what you learned from the lennon portrait, and apply it to a portrait of your choosing. Think about things like how your shapes worked in your last portrait. Did they all meet up, or did you have gaps? Avoid all gaps in this new illustration. Did your eyes have good detail in the last illustration? Make sure you use several shapes to create the details in the eyes of this new portrait. Finally, if you have not tried smooth lines for your lennon portrait, you need to use them for this portrait.


1. File size must be 12x18 in portrait mode saved as A1_portrait_yourname.pdf

2. use a photo of yourself, a fellow classmate, or a famous historical figure, artist, or musician.

3. The portrait must not show more than shoulders and head.

4. When creating your portrait, don't put in too many details. Your final portrait should have an abstract look like the student samples provided below.

Go back to the last assignment post if you need help with instructions on how to make the portrait.

Here is a video with instructions on setting up your file:

Here are student portrait examples from previous years:

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