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GD 1&2 Letter of Introduction

GD 2 students can simply update their previous letter, making sure it is on a letterhead design that matches the resume.

GD 1 students will use this template:

Write your letter in a google doc following the formatting of the letters below. Use 12 pt font size. When your letter is complete, export as a pdf. Next, open your resume file you created in illustrator. Go to file- save as- name it A1_yourname_letter and save in a new folder in your google drive titled portfolio. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THIS FOR YOUR PORTFOLIO. Delete the resume info from the letterhead, keeping your logo and contact info. Then, place in your introduction letter. Save your file as a pdf and submit in the turn in folder.

For your letter of introduction to your portfolio you will write a series of paragraphs to form a letter that goes in the first page of your portfolio. This letter will be read by people viewing your portfolio. It should be professional in nature and showcase your writing abilities. Possible people reading this letter will include portfolio competition judges, scholarship committees, employers, etc.

Paragraph 1: Write a paragraph introducing yourself. This paragraph should include your name, school you are attending and year you are graduating. Talk about what your goal is after graduating from high school.

Paragraph 2: Write about the classes that you have enjoyed most during your education. Write about why you liked those classes. Write about how those classes relate to your future goals.

Paragraph 3: Write specifically about this class and what you have learned by taking this class. Not only technical things such as how to use Adobe Creative Suite or a Macintosh computer, but also job related skills like creative problem solving, working with clients, time management, etc.

Paragraph 4: Talk about your portfolio specifically. "On the following pages you will see my resume, examples of my work, a list of references…. End with something like "I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio. At the end of the letter type Sincerely, leave room for your signature, then type your name.

Here are sample letters:

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