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GD 1&2 Social Cause Poster

Poster inspirations:

Design a poster for a cause that is important to you. Graphic design is all about communicating a message. Have fun. Be creative. And.... stick to all the requirements below!


1. choose a cause

bike to school

water conservation

pack your trash

skateboarding is not a crime

healthy eating


treating others with respect and kindness

teen drinking prevention

stop censorship

suicide prevention

ending eating disorders

ending gang violence

2. find a statistic to go with your cause

3. decide on a simple and possibly clever headline for your poster

4. research other social cause posters and find 5 inspiring designs. write reasons next to each image and to paste in your sketchbook

5. complete the rest of your sketchbook which includes color scheme with swatches and hex codes, font choice, and one large drawing of your entire poster idea which shows creative use of type, and strong central graphic.

Poster requirements (must use):

one of these techniques: hand drawn illustration, type as image, masking small vectors into larger shapes, warping type into a shape. (see me if you have a strong conceptual idea that requires a different technique).

11x17 document size

texture or pattern


11x17 300 ppi for all photoshop work

unique new font downloaded from Dafont or use one from this link:

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