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GD 2:Halloween Typography

Use the image I provided. You will warp each word separately of the entire poem provided into the skull image.

Here is a link to the file needed:

Here is the video for instructions


1. Open the illustrator file and save as A1_skull_yourname in your graphic design folder in your google drive in a new folder called illustrator lessons.

2. Draw a shape for each word of the poem. Start small so you have enough room for every word in the poem. I start by making shapes across the skull for each word in one line of the poem.

3. Download a font from dafont that is bold and halloween like. Use all caps when typing your words.

4. Type the word, then select the shape, right click on it and select "arrange, bring object to front". Next shift select your type and hold down the option command and c key to get the word to fit inside the shape.

5. You can use the white arrow tool to adjust your shapes if the word is not reading easily.

6. Continue this for the entire poem. Your final file should look like the example below.

You will be graded on the following:

1. All words in the poem must be included.

2. All words should fit together like puzzle pieces.

3. All words should look warped.

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