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Photoshop Retouching

Ever wonder how exactly they make models look so perfect? PHOTOSHOP! Keep in mind that no one is perfect unless they have been manipulated by the computer to look that way. Embrace your difference, that is what makes you unique!


In this assignment You will be using the photo above to retouch by taking away all of the blemeshes by using all of the steps in the video provided below. By the end of the lesson you will know just what goes on behind each photo gracing the magazine covers...

1. Begin by downloading the photo and saving it in a new folder called retouch. Right click on the file and open in photoshop. Go to file save as and name your file "A1_yourname_retouch" and save in the retouch folder.

2. Duplicate the background layer (you will use the background layer in the last step of this assignment).

3. Follow the steps in the video to retouch the photo.

5. Select half of the retouched photo and delete it to reveal the original photo below. Save as a jpg and turn in through google classroom to 11.19 retouch assignment. Your final file should look like this:

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