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GD1: Photoshop Hair Selection

Use this file for the project:

1. Watch the hair selection video and follow.

2. Control click on the hair.jpg file and open with Photoshop.

3. Go to file- save as- and save "A1_hairselect_jennya” in your graphic design folder, in a new folder called “photoshop tutorials”

4. Select the girl from the background using the techniques described in the video

5.Make a new layer and drag it below the layer with the selected girl. In this new layer go to the select menu and choose all. Then use your paint bucket and choose a very bright and contrasting color for the background.

6. save your file. Then, go to file> save as> and keep everything the same, except change the file type to jpeg at 6 resolution quality and submit the jpeg through my turn in folder.

Your completed file should look similar to this:

Once you are finished,

if class time remains challenge yourself to learn more advanced tools here:

or see me to start Cabrillo College Credit

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