GD 1&2 Exploring Creative Careers

May 4, 2020

You will use this link for this assignment:


Step 1:

Watch the series of videos on this web page.


Step 2:

Create a google doc that you will turn in through the google classroom assignment. 


Step 3:

Answer these questions in your google doc


1. What is the name of the person featured on this web page and what is his job title?

2. How was Aaron a misfit?

3. What is his "advice" (listed in the advise section under the main video clip)

4. What is his favorite part about his career?

5. What does his average day look like?

6. How did his career begin?

7. What education/training did he have?

8. What factors contributed to his success?

9. copy and paste the job description for a graphic artist here.

10. Is this a career that interests you? Why or why not?




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