GD 1& 2 Images in Graphic Design

April 27, 2020

For this assignment I want you to try TURNING IT IN THROUGH GOOGLE CLASSROOM. If you have difficulty turning it in through google classroom, go ahead and download your google doc as a pdf. Save as A1_freelance_your name and turn into the digital folder linked on this website.


You will watch this video:



And answer these questions in a google doc with your name on it. Remember to use complete sentences and proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.


1. How are images "more than just design"?


2. Where do most professionals get their images?


3. What is a "generic" image?


4. What three things make up a "high quality image"?


5. Why is bigger better when talking about image files?


6. What is a raster file made up of?


7. How are vector files different than raster files?


8. What are two things can you do to a stock image to customize it?


9. What are the 4 examples of "cosmetic adjustments"?

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