GD1: Movie Poster Design

February 24, 2020

You are creating a movie poster as a collaborative project. The video students provided you with their concept. You will gather inspiration files, source fonts, draw a sketch, and collaborate with photography students to provide the photography for your poster design.  



Step 1:

Receive a video student concept sheet from me. Photograph this sheet for reference during the project so that you can refer back to it as needed. 


Step 2: 

  • Read over the details of the video student concept sheet. Create a new google doc called A1_filmposter_yourname.

  • In the google doc write down the title and sub title of your film.

  • Write the name of the video student.

  • Search on google for the film posters they refer to in the concept sheet. Take a screen shot of the poster and place those posters into the google doc.

  • Type a sentence underneath each poster that describes what it is they liked about that poster.

  • now find at least one of your own poster inspiration files that will guide your type alignment, color use, etc. Take a screen shot, place it in the google doc and write a sentence about how this inspo file will guide your final poster design.

  • Search dafont for the font you will use for this poster. Write the name of the font in your google doc.

  • This is the most important step in this process: Make a list of photos you will need the photography student to take to create this poster. Be sure to indicate if the photo will be used as a reference photo for drawing or not. Be very specific with your description of the photo so that you get what you are expecting out of the photograph taken by the student. Include descriptions like mood, setting, etc. The more specific the better. Be aware that you may be called upon to provide models, costume, props, etc. So when deciding on your needed photos, keep these things in mind.

  • Download this document as a pdf and submit to the turn in folder. Also Print two copies. Three hole punch one copy and place it into your sketchbook section of your binder. Staple and turn in the second copy to me at the front desk.

  • On the other side of this page, using the entire page, draw a sketch of what your poster design will look like.


Step 3:

Meet with the photography student to share your concept sheet and discuss the photos you will need from them. Be realistic about what they can actually photograph. Don't make a concept so difficult it cannot be executed. Think simple but powerful.


Step 4:

Photography students will deliver photos to you to use in the poster design.


Step 5:

You will design the poster with the following requirements:


Here are some poster designs for reference and inspiration...


Here are some poster designs by Harbor GD students:

















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