December 10, 2019

I am sorry I am not in class today. I am sick. I know it is not an ideal time, but I am confident that you can work on what you need to get done even without me in the room;) Don't waste this time, you only have a few hours of class time left before the semester is over. If you need more time, ask the sub if you can come during lunch today to work on your projects. You can email me with questions or concerns:



GD 1: A1 and A2, you can begin your final today. You are downloading the illustrator file I provided in a separate blog post and working in that file. You are drawing the nutcracker in illustrator using the pen tool and the shape tool using the sketch as your guide. 


GD1: A3 you should be working on completing your illustrator Harbor student portrait. If you finish the portrait move on to the final which is described above for A1 and A2. 



GD 2: You can do t-shirt printing today if you are ready. If you are not, no worries, you still have time. You can work on completing DM 1 and 2 (assigned earlier) or the type integration assignment. 



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