GD2: DMI lesson 1 and 2

November 14, 2019

You are required to get the DM1 Cabrillo College Credit as a GD2 students. This credit is transferrable to ANY UC or CSU and is 4 units of credit!


You will turn these files in to the turn in folder and ALSO SAVE TO YOUR DOCUMENTS folder in a folder called DM1.


You will be given credit once you have shown me the files in your documents folder filled with 9 completed lessons labeled properly. File organization is an important part of receiving credit for the class. Label each project as described in the lesson.


If you have time remaining and you already completed lesson 1 & 2, move on to the next lessons.


Here is the link to the lessons:



For lesson 1:

Do this lesson in a google doc that you download and turn in to the turn in folder. 


For lesson 2:

No need to include the written portion of the lesson, just the two figures.


For any further lessons:

Ask me before completing and I will tell you ways to make the lesson simplified.



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