GD1: 3 Hand Color Schemes

November 7, 2019



1. Begin by opening your hand illustration and saving as "A1_3hand_jennya.pdf"


2. Go to file- document set up- edit art board. Set the width to 26 in. Even if you document is in points or pixels, you can still type in "26 in" and it will work.


3. In your layers, delete the layer with the original photo. Make sure all of your layers are unlocked. Use the black arrow tool to drag a box around your entire illustration. This is what it looks like when your entire hand is selected.


 4. Push command c on your keyboard

5. lock all of your layers

6. make a new layer and name it hand 2

7. select that new layer and then push command v to paste your new hand into the new layer

8. Now drag the "hand 2 layer" to the copy box on the layers palette to duplicate the layer. name this new layer "hand 3"


 9. To select everything in a layer, push the empty box next to the circle on the right side of the layer name. This shows how everything in layer "3rd hand" is selected in my example.

 10. Once the entire hand and background is selected, move it to one side of your document. Select the other layer and move that hand to the other side of your document.


11. Now recolor your art so that you have a monochromatic hand on the left, an analogous hand in the middle, and a complementary hand on the right.




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