September 17, 2019



Hi advanced students.



I am counting on you guys to help the GD1 students complete their assignments, especially the new torn paper assignment. They will probably need help taking their picture, and transferring from their phone to their computer by emailing it to themselves or air dropping it.




I NEVER offer extra credit. Here is your once in a lifetime offer. I need a volunteer from each class to be the designated helper for the GD1 students. You will be responsible for making an announcement in the beginning of each class that you are the helper and if people put their name up on the board you will help them. Or they can come and ask you for help. The first person to email me to volunteer at in each advanced section will receive a 100% grade on their picnic poster, AND the cubist assignment even if they are incomplete! (as long as you help students through ALL the days of my absence)



Today is Tuesday, Sept 17. Your picnic posters were due yesterday. They need to be turned into the turn in folder today inside the advanced folder, under your period. I need to get these poster designs to the theater department so they can meet their deadline. I will be checking the turn in folder today at the end of the school day. Thank you!

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