GD1 and GD2:

September 15, 2019


You will be held accountable to following all details listed on this blog post. You can email me at with any questions or concerns you have.


I will be out of class from Monday Sept 16 returning Wed Sept 25th. I am having a minor heart surgery and will be recovering before I return. I am relying on all students to be the best versions of themselves while under the supervision of the substitute. You will be held accountable for completing and turning in the assignments posted here, as well as catching up on any missing work you are behind on. We will not have organized binder work this week. I will be checking the turn in folder and grading things from home.


During this time I will have GD 1 and 2 students completing the same assignments. This way the GD2 students are available to help as tutors to solve any technical problems that may arise. When names go up on the board for help, I expect GD2 students to check the list and help the students. 


While I am away, if any student completes all of the posted assignments, you will be expected to work on the Cabrillo College DM lessons.

Begin with the lesson labeled P1 then advance to p2, etc.This includes both intro and advanced students. In addition, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I will be available via email at


GD 1 Students: Please complete all previous assignments in the order of girl, hair, okgo, before moving on to these lessons. 


1. Before beginning these tutorials you need to work in pairs to get your photos taken with your phones and saved to your computer.  To get a portrait to a computer you can email it to yourself, or if you have an iphone you can airdrop it. Please ask advanced students for help, many are familiar with how to airdrop files. You need a minimum of 3 portraits of yourself. Your portraits needs to include your head to your shoulders. Your portrait must be taken outside in open shade with a white background. It will look similar to the one below. Take one photo head on, one photo facing left, and one more photo facing right. (think of a mug shot)


If you have trouble completing this step, use this file I have provided and only complete the torn paper assignment:




2. Transfer the portrait to your computer by emailing it to your school email address, or if you have an iphone you can use airdrop. 


Portraits are due in your documents folder by the end of class Tuesday Sept 17.





1. Torn paper lesson:


use this file when completing this lesson:

you will use the torn paper file in addition to the front facing portrait of yourself


Begin by right clicking on the torn paper file and opening it in photoshop.


save this file as A1_tornpaper_jennya.psd. When you are ready to turn in, turn in a jpg copy to the turn in folder in a folder named torn paper.


Watch this video for instructions:


Your final file will look like this (but with a picture of you;)

2. Cubist lesson: GD2 and those who are ahead in GD1


Create a new file that is 11" wide by 17" tall at 300 ppi. Name this file A1_cubist_jennya.psd and save to your documents folder. When you are finished, save a copy as a jpg and turn in to the turn in folder named cubist. Make your final composition Black and White!


follow along in this tutorial video:




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