GD1&2 Goal setting

September 3, 2019

This week we will start using our organized binders. Every six weeks we will record a goal that we will focus on for the marking period. Please record these goals in your Organized Binder Goals Sheet.


First 6 week goal GD1:

Goal: I will become more comfortable using Adobe Photoshop by the end of the first marking period

Sub goal: I will complete and properly turn in all lessons by the grading deadline

Daily task: I will not be distracted during class and stay focused on completing assignments. If I miss class or fall behind, I will arrange time outside of class to complete the work.


First 6 week goal GD2:

Goal: During the first six weeks of class I will learn three new skills independently.

Sub goal: I will seek out tutorials to use new creative skills in my assignments.

Daily task: When I am having technical difficulty I will ask another GD2 student for help or seek guidance by searching the internet for forums, tutorials, etc. 

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