GD2: Fall Play Research

August 27, 2019


Watch this clip:



Answer these questions on a sheet of notebook paper that you will turn into the inbox at my desk (later we will add this to the organized binder when they arrive):


use this site as a reference:


  1. what is the name of the play?

  2. what is the time period?-1953

  3. where does it take place?- small town in Kansas

  4. what is the story about?

  5. Is this a dramatic story, or a comedy?


Next: visit this pinterest board to see what the drama dept. put together


make a pin board that contains:

20 images, only 3 can be from my pinboard

photos of the 1950’s suburbia

Gingham pattern

1950’s color palette

signs from the 1950’s

Ads from the 1950’s

Typography from the 1950’s

Graphic design from the 1950’s


Create a moodboard in illustrator by taking the best images from your pinboard and pasting them into an 8.5x11 document in illustrator. Include font samples in your mood board. Try these fonts:


Print the document and place in the inbox near my desk




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