GD1: Logo Research

March 5, 2020

Use this link to answer the questions below in your sketchbook


1. What is emphasis in logo design?

2. What is balance and alignment in logo design?

3. What is contrast in logo design?

4. What is repetition in logo design?

5. What is proportion in logo design?

6. What is Movement in logo design?

7. What is white space in logo design?

8. What is a classic logo?

9. What is a retro logo?

10. What is a material logo?

11. What is a minimalist logo?



Now create a logo example board by making an 8.5 x11 inch file in illustrator. Find example logo designs from any of the sites below that represents each of the following categories.



Type the category below each logo design. Print, three hole punch, and place in your binder behind your last project (film concept sheet).


Letter mark

Word mark

Pictorial mark

Abstract mark




use these sites to find inspo files








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