GD1: Low Poly Harbor Student Portrait

November 19, 2019

We will be having a show of selected student work in the library of poster size prints of low poly student portraits. You are required to make a portrait of a student that goes to Harbor currently (with their permission) or create a self portrait.  


Step 1:

Choose a photo. Use a photo with strong contrast for best effect. I can take a photo in the classroom if you do not have one. Make sure the photo is close up so that you can get the details of the face.


Step 2:

Create a 12x18 file in illustrator and save as A1_lowpoly2_yourname.pdf into the documents folder. Place the photo into this file. Select the photo with the black arrow (direct selection) tool and click on the word "embed" in the upper left corner of the menu options. Lock the photo. Make a new layer and begin drawing your shapes like the video below demonstrates.


Step 3: 

When you are ready to color. Make sure your picture layer is locked. Take the black arrow key and draw a box over your entire document to select all of your lines. Go the to top menu in illustrator, go to Object-live paint-make. Deselect everything after you have make the live paint by clicking with the black arrow key outside of your artboard. Now use your eye dropper (i) and live paint bucket (k) to fill your shapes. 


See and steal techniques from your fellow classmate's portraits below or check out this link for more inspiration:

























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