GD2: Green Acres logo competition

October 15, 2019



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Green Acres Elementary School is in need of a logo. 


This contest is only among the advanced graphic design students at Harbor High school.




Must include Green Acres

Must work in both black and white and color


Here is what the client has to say about what they are looking for:

"We like the feeling of the lion and his shape and proportions and also like the hipness and simplicity of the lady. We also want something, most importantly, that's appealing to elementary age kids. We've been thinking about the "Santa Cruz" skateshop logo, too and how we can incorporate all these ideas with something as appealing as that logo seems to be. 


The lion will need to lean towards the basic lines of the lady because it'll be printed, no shading. We do like the idea of incorporating some yellow or gold into the main, like the lady has with her hair. 


Also wondering about somehow incorporating our name "Green Acres" into this. 


I've included the URL to one of the design companies we were interested so you can get a feel of what we were attracted to. I know it's much simpler than the lion, but again, hoping the lion will be leaning on the side of simple. "


Here is the design company they like (use this site for some of your inspiration files)




1. Begin by finding 6 logo design inspirations that directly relate to what they are looking for. 2 of the six designs must be from the design with hive website. Type under each inspiration how the logo design will influence your logo design. Print out and glue into sketchbook.


Here are sites for inspiration:[]=beer%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=logo%7Ctyped


2. Make a logo CONCEPT board with 6 Black and White logo designs. BW designs are due by end of class Monday Oct 21.  Do not use color until your final logo board.


3. Print out your designs, write your name on the board, and have me come to your seat during class to give you feedback on your designs. 


4. Based on my feedback, together we will choose the final logo design to use in your FINAL logo board. The final board will consist of 4 variations of the final logo design. Two versions will only include the graphic. Two versions will include all wording aligned with the graphic. Your final logo board should consist of a color version and a black and white version of the logo. YOU MUST USE A SOURCED COLOR PALETTE FOR YOUR LOGO DESIGN AND INCLUDE IT IN YOUR FINAL LOGO BOARD. Final logo board due by end of class Thursday Oct 24.










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