GD1: Low Poly Portrait

November 12, 2019

Now that you know the basics of the pen tool, you practice creating a low poly portrait. After this assignment you will move on to create a low poly self portrait, or a portrait of a friend that goes to Harbor High school. We will use these portraits for a school display. 


Create a 8.5"x11" file called A1_portrait1_jennya.pdf. Place the photo into the file. Lock the photo. Make a new layer and begin drawing your shapes like the video below demonstrates.


Things to keep in mind:

1. To get the photo, right click on it and select "search google for image" find the largest file size then download that file and place it into your new illustrator document.


2. The video shows someone using all triangles, you can use any shape as long as it does not have curves. You don't have to limit yourself to triangles. See some of the samples below for examples that do not use curves or all triangles. Just pay careful attention to where shadows and highlights change and have your shapes drawn around the changes. Don't have a shape that goes over both a shadow and highlight area in one shape.


3. You DO NOT have to use complete paths for this assignment. You will be creating a live paint object which will allow you to fill with the paint bucket.


4. To create a live paint object, make sure your image layer is locked. Push command A to select all. Make sure all of your shapes are selected. Go to Object- live paint- make. Then CLICK OUT of shape to DESELECT everything. 


5. Now use the "i" key to activate the eye dropper. Grab your color from the photo. Use the "k" key to get the live paint bucket to fill in the shape.


6. Remember to SAVE OFTEN!














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