GD1: Layers lesson

September 3, 2019

Go to this website and watch sections 1&2 about Photoshop layers:


Download this file to use for this assignment:


Open the file and save it as A1_layers_yourname.psd. Using what you learned in the videos about layers, hide the layers that don’t belong on the sandwich, and arrange the others so it makes a realistically layered sandwich.




  1. Duplicate the cheese layer 

  2. Name all of the layers

  3. Arrange all of the layers to create a realistically layered sandwich

  4. Hide any layers that don’t belong in a sandwich


Take a screen shot of your entire layers panel (shift command 4). Re Name the screen shot A1_layers_yourname. Turn this file into the layers folder inside the turn in folder for your period.



Your final file should look something like this: (this file is incomplete, but provides a guide for what your file should look like)



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