GD2: Behance

August 22, 2019

Adobe has a portfolio platform called Behance. Graphic Designers use this platform to showcase their work and follow other designers for inspiration. Today you are going to set up an account through Behance that you will use to showcase your work and follow the work of other graphic designers.


Visit this link and set up an account:




Edit your profile In a PROFESSIONAL manner to include the following:

1. An image of you or your logo to represent your profile.

2. Your name and location

3. Write a 3 sentences minimum paragraph describing yourself and your interests, and place into the "about me" section of your behance profile.

4. Under work experience copy and paste the skills section of your resume into the behance resume

5. At the top of the screen click on the blue "create a project" botton. Upload three of your best graphic design projects that you would like to showcase. It could be work from your portfolio last year, or personal graphic design projects that you are proud of. Go through the process of naming, and filling out applications used, etc. for each of the three projects you upload.

6. Open a google doc and title it "behance_yourname" copy and paste a link to your behance profile to the top of this document.

7. Click on the discover link at the top of the screen, then click on curated designs. next select the graphic design gallery.

  • What category of graphic design is this? (typography, packaging, illustration, etc)

  • Use design elements and principals to talk about what you like about the project (color, line, shape, pattern, texture, typography) (Contrast, alignment, repetition, hierarchy of information).

8. Browse through the gallery and choose 3 designs you like.

9. Take a screen shot of each design (shift, command, 4). Paste the image into your google doc. for each of the three designs answer the following questions below the sample work pasted in your google doc.

10. name this google doc yourperiod_behance_yourname and share with me at



Here is an example of what it should look like in your google doc:

 Graphic Design Category: Packaging

I like the vibrant monochromatic color schemes. I also like the subtle use of pattern in the title and the alignment of information in the bottom bar. The main illustrations are creative. 


Click on the designer's name for this project and "follow" them. I will check your profile to see that you are following at least 3 artists.




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