GD 1 Personal Logo Design Step 1: Inspiration/Sketch

March 10, 2020

Logo design is different from other designs in the fact that it must be able to be used in both small in scale yet also large. In their smaller form, they need to be compact (fit in the size of a quarter), easy to recognize, and function in black and white as well as color. For this project you will need to design a personal logo that will be part of your portfolio. Later you will use this logo on a business card, stationery, and website.


Places to look for inspiration:

behance logo gallery

Logo faves

Logo Moose

smashing apps

Logo Gala



Logo Pond

Logo Design Love



FIRST YOU WILL GATHER INSPIRATION FILES (must include type and graphic)

1. Create an illustrator file 8.5 x11 and place 6 logo files neatly on the left side of the page. Next to the logo file type answer these questions:

1. Why do you like this logo?

2. What type of font is being used (serif, san serif, decorative, script)?

3. How is the type aligned to the graphic?


You also must gather and include a color palette to in your inspiration file and use these colors in your logo. Make the palette no larger than 1/2" tall and place in bottom left corner of your document




Here is a sample of what your inspiration file and sketches would look like:








Print out the page and place in your sketchbook. 





2. On the facing page, draw a two column and six row grid in your sketchbook. In the left column, sketch all six of your inspirations draw to look as close to original as possible. In the right column sketch 6 personal logo design ideas. All your sketches must include your name and show how the type would align with the graphic.


Your sketches should reflect some of the ideas from your inspiration files. Like the examples below: 
















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