GD 1 Poster Re Design: sketchbook assignment

January 16, 2020


1. print out your first poster design three hole punch and place in your sketchbook.


2. Take note of changes you need to make to your original poster and write down a minimum of two things you will improve using the language of design elements and principals.

for example: my title needs more contrast in size and color so it stands out

or.... I can be more creative with aligning my information to my graphic

or.... I can improve my hierarchy of information by making information different sizes and grouping like information together.

or....My type alignment can be more creative, right now everything is center aligned.

or... I have no strong central graphic (focal point)


3.Print out this info sheet and place in your sketchbook section.




4. Make an inspiration board and glue to the page next to your info sheet.

 Bookmark these inspiration sites and use them as a source for finding inspirational poster designs:

Behance is an awesome site for inspiration. and sign up for an account if you don't already have one.


gather 4 images off the internet of poster designs that you like that will inspire your second version of your poster. Place all 4 images neatly into an 8.5x11 illustrator file print. Write a sentence under each poster inspiration that talks about the design element that inspires you, why, and how you will include it in your final poster design. 


Find a color palette that you will use in your poster using a google search for color palette or find one on pinterest.


Take a screen shot of the color palette and place it neatly in the right corner of your inspiration file. The color palette should be no longer than 1inch long. If you prefer to use pulled color, (color that comes by using the eyedropper tool from your central graphic) write a sentence at the bottom of this document saying you will pull all color from your central graphic.



This is an example of the actual size your color palette should be on your inspiration page. Take a screen shot of your color palette by holding down  (shift command 4)


 Print this document three hole punch and add to your sketchbook behind info sheet.

Poster images do not have to be of same topic, but should be designs you find cool and interesting in terms of typography or strong central graphic.


5. Draw a sketch of your poster design on the facing page of your sketchbook taking up 3/4 of the entire page.


6. List your font names and draw what they look like. At the bottom quarter of your sketch list the names and styles (serif, san serif, script, decorative) of the fonts that you chose and draw a sample of what a letter looks like in your chosen fonts. You are also placing your color palette at the bottom right corner. 




 Watch this video to set up your new poster design:





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