GD 1 and 2 Hand Lettering

March 30, 2020

Ok, so we are still trying to figure out who has computers and who does not, etc. So we are going to continue graphic design without fancy technology this week. All you will need for this assignment is paper, pencil, pen, and a camera;)


You must hand letter your name

  1. It can be your first, last, or initials, or even one letter if it is SUPER DETAILED (see student samples below).

  2. Use the entire sheet of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper (so you have room to create the details).

  3. Put as much detail as you can.

  4. Use the examples shown in the links below for guidance.

  5. You can also use the computer for guidance by finding a decorative font on dafont to use for inspiration.

To turn it in (Due Friday April 3 by 11:59pm):

  1. Take a picture of your hand lettering.

  2. Upload the photo to your computer. 

  3. Rename the file A1_lettering_your name

  4. Turn it in to the turn in folder on my website for your class in a folder named "lettering"

Watch this video to see how cool hand lettering can be!


hand lettering tutorial:


Local design studio that made hand lettering stickers and t-shirts:


Examples of hand lettering in logo design:


More examples of Dana Tanamachi's work:


These are all past student examples from previous years:









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