GD 1 Art of Logo design sketchbook work

March 5, 2020

Watch the following video and answer these questions in your sketchbook:

1. What does it mean to say that "a logo is a mask"?

2. Name two aspects of a "great logo"

3. What does simplicity mean in logo design?

4. How many versions of the "off book" logo were made before the final version?

5. Was there a sketch to the "off book" logo before it was created?

6. What did the designer do with paper and a scanner when creating the "off book" logo?

7. What is "off book"?

8. How does the final logo design represent what "off book" is?

9. What inspired the lettering of many heavy metal logos like ACDC, etc?



 Play this game for fun:


Watch this video for a laugh:



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